Flower Lapel Pins - The Key to Adding Wedding Charm

20 Jan

Flower lapels have made quite an impression in the last few years, due to their renewed popularity thanks to celebrities wearing them. In particular, celebrities with long hair seem to be all about flower pins, with Britney Spears having several on her famous 'wardrobe' and Jessica Simpson sporting a huge number on her tiny back pocket. Other famous faces who wear these pins include members of The Royal Family, such as the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, and her mother, the Queen. David Beckham also has a large number on his shirt pocket.

Flower lapels are generally small and attractive, being either solid or patterned. There are a wide range of styles available, varying from very small, delicate ones, which are often worn by brides and bridesmaids, right up to those which are larger, like those which may be worn by men. A flower pin can range from a very small, almost invisible one, through to those which are much bigger, and in fact look almost like buttons, making them excellent choices for high profile events. Flower lapels are usually made out of a simple but elegant material, such as gold or silver. This allows them to match just about any piece of jewellery, although the most common choice for men is probably silver.

The main advantage of wearing flower lapel pins is that they look absolutely stunning with any outfit. This means that you can wear them with anything from shorts to a formal evening outfit, and they will fit in with any outfit, from the sharp-looking business suit, to the casual weekend outfit. Many people now use flower lapel pins to accessorise with their outfits, adding interest and style to an outfit. They look extremely well with accessories, helping to tie together the different pieces of jewellery, especially long hair clips or even a simple bracelet. Click here to buy lapel pins.

Floral designs are popular nowadays, so it's no real surprise that flower lapel pins have become very popular. They can come in all sorts of different colors, allowing you to get a full compliment of colors from your outfit. You can choose from ones which come in single solid colors, giving you a bit more control over how the design looks on you, to ones that come in a variety of different patterns and colors, giving you a chance to really take your pick and personalize your look. However you choose to wear your flower lapel pins, it's important to remember to pick a color, which not only goes well with your own clothes but with the rest of your wardrobe as well. It's also important to pick a solid color that is easy to pair up with other types of jewelry.

Finally, it's important to keep in mind that your flower lapel pins don't need to be overly expensive. Whilst they do need to match your wedding dress and ideally complement it, they don't need to cost an arm and a leg. In fact, you should be able to find some great prices on quality ones, either online or at your local bridal party supplier. You can also shop around a little bit, making sure to check out any bargains and sales - you never know when one is going to be available to you. Visit this site: https://www.artofthegent.com/collections/flower-lapel-pins to find a wide selection of quality lapel pins

Overall, flower lapel pins can really add charm to your overall look on your wedding day. They are relatively inexpensive, easy to match with most existing bridal clothes, and have the chance to really stand out and be noticed by your guests. However, it's important not to be too fussy about them. They are a fun accessory, after all, and there are plenty of different styles to choose from.

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