Simple Ways to Show Off Your Lapel Flower Pin

20 Jan

One of the trendiest accessories is a woman's jewelry, which is the lapel flower pin. The pins are available in a number of styles and makes and they are mostly made of gold or silver. The lapel pins are a symbol of fraternity and they are a great way of wearing your fraternity amongst your friends. The flowers that adorn the pins come in a number of shapes and sizes as well. They can be of varying colors.

A person can wear a lapel flower pin in one's blouse or on a shirt in the case of a shirt. The pins are worn around the neck as it adds to the appeal of the outfit. The small flower pins add to the elegance of the person wearing it. The pins also come with a small fabric loop attachment at the very top that allows the pins to slip through it and the wearer enjoys all this added style without the worry of pulling it off. The back side of the pinhole has a fabric cover to keep the pinhole free from dirt.

The lapel flower pins have a thread that enables them to be worn along with a certain level of clothing. These threads help to increase the charm of the entire outfit and give it a certain level of finesse. If you like to accentuate your feminine look in your attire, you can wear just a tiny little cloth lapel flower pin on your shirt. Click this link to shop for the best floral pins.

It is possible for you to wear the small flower boutonniere with any kind of shirt that does not restrict you. The shirt should reach to the middle of the thigh or should be a bit above the knee. If you wish to wear a shirt that restricts you from wearing a flower inside the left lapel pocket, you can always wear a normal lapel pin with the flower inside. This type of pin can be worn along with long pants or even shorts. You can also wear it over a blouse or dress, which reaches to the ankles or below the knees. When you do so, the flower shows itself elegantly as it would in real life.

In case you have a formal suit that normally goes with a tie, you can always switch it over to a short or long skirt and wear the lapel flower pin with it. However, this would be the last thing that you should consider when you are wearing a suit. You can always team it up with a simple white or cream blouse that reaches down to the ankles. To add some more glamour to it, you can wear a thin silk or satin blouse which is tied at the back side with an elegant ribbon. You can also wear a thin belt with the lapel pin attached to it and then fasten the ribbon to a pair of thin black leather boots. This website has a wide variety of high quality lapel pins and other gentleman wear so it would be wise to check it out if you are looking to buy one.

There are also occasions when the lapel pin may be accompanied by a colored top or a printed one. The only rule when you pair it up with a printed top is that you should choose a top that is the same color as your suit. Otherwise, the flower design will not look right. If the top and the pin are of the same color, the only problem is that you cannot wear the same shirt for both the occasions.

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